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Genesis Artist Colors - 1 oz.Genesis Artist Colors - 1 oz.
Genesis Artist Colors will never dry or get stiff on the brush or pallette. Unlike oil, acrylic and watercolor paints that "air dry", Genesis Artist Colors will remain in a flowing, buttery state indefinitely until you choose to dry it. Then you can cure or set your work almost instantaneously by bringing paint to its drying temperature of about 265 degrees farenheit with the Genesis drying tools. It is the unique formulation of the Genesis carrying medium that makes this possible. It is non-drying when exposed to air, yet quick-drying upon demand because it contains a heat-fixing agent. A special manufacturing process blends the carrying medium with the powdered pigments to produce Genesis Artist Color's smooth, buttery texture.

The revolutionary formulation of Genesis:

Means it is always immediately ready for use without any set-up time or palette preparation required.

Means little clean up is required, since the paint will not dry on the brushes, palette or mixing tray.

Offers the benefits and look of oil paints without the drying time. It is non-toxic and odor free.

Means mistakes are easily correctable using a soft cloth.

Is ideal for blending as well as for classical glazing techniques.

Makes it extremely versatile. Its buttery texture can be applied using techniques with a brush or palette knife. It can also be thinned for gouache. 

Color Choice

Genesis Mediums, Varnishes, Gesso & Cleaner - 4 oz.
Genesis Mediums are odorless and non-solvent. They are recommended to alter the flow characteristics of Genesis Artist Colors without loss of color depth.

Genesis Inkset Clear Giclee Gloss Coating is used to seal and protect inkjet canvas prints from smearing and smudging. Inkset can be applied with a squeegee for a smooth finish or a brush for a textured appearance.

Genesis Varnishes are an ideal protective coating for application over Genesis Artist Colors. Paintings can be protected from the accumulation of dust and grime that may occur over time. It should be applied by brush over the finished and heat-dried painting and then heat dried.

Genesis Air Dry Acrylic Gesso is formulated specifically for use as a base primer for Genesis Artist Colors, however it can also be used as a primer or sealer for any oil or acrylic painting. When dry it produces a flexible film with excellent adhesion that is water and UV resistant.

Genesis Brush Cleaner is specially formulated for Genesis Artist Colors. The Brush Cleaner should be poured over the bristles, allowing it to penetrate all the way to the ferrule to dissolve any paint. Rinse with water for a perfectly clean brush. Be sure brush is thoroughly dry before painting. 

Genesis Mediums, Varnishes, Gesso & Cleaner - 4 oz.

Genesis Mediums - 1 oz.Genesis Mediums - 1 oz.


Genesis Drying Gun 86086L
Ideal for drying small paintings or portions of a large painting. The Genesis drying gun focuses the 265 degree farenheit heat in a 4" x 4" area. It will dry an 8" x 10" painting in about 15 minutes. 

Price:   $95.00 

Genesis Drying Gun  86086L

Genesis Starter Set  86207CGenesis Starter Set 86207C
Kit Contains:
Six one ounce jars of Genesis Artists Colors: one each of Phthalo Green 02, Pyrrole Red 02, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber. One ounce jar of Genesis Glazing Gel, Paint brush and instruction manual. 

Price:   $139.00 

Genesis Introductory System 86090T
Kit Contains:
Four 1 oz. Genesis Artist Colors, One 1 oz. Genesis Titanium White, 1 oz. Genesis Glazing medium, Genesis drying gun, Informational Video and Instruction manual. 

Price:   $179.00 

Genesis Introductory System  86090T

Genesis Manual - "Begin with Genesis"  86117GGenesis Manual - "Begin with Genesis" 86117G

Price:   $3.95 

Genesis Paint Storage Jars 86106N
Six jars (1 oz.) that are perfect for storing mixed colors of paint. 

Price:   $7.95 

Genesis Paint Storage Jars  86106N

Online Catalog:Arts and Crafts:Genesis Artist Colors

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